So Lovingly Curated It’s Almost Creepy

Hi.  This is me – my name’s David Christopher.David Christopher

Starting a conference is awesome

I’ve met so many strangers in coffee shops that my wife’s friends are starting to talk.

Every time I meet someone new I ask them who else they think I should meet, who else might be interested in Confluence, and then I go and meet them too.

You’d be amazed at how many talented and creative Oklahomans  are killing it online.  The Internet is so MASSIVE – with so many platforms and networks and niche interests – that we all rattle around in there doing our things, hardly ever bumping into one another.

It’s good to know you

Did you know The Pioneer Woman lives in Oklahoma?  Okay, of course you did, but that was an easy one.

We’ve got Youtube sensations, social media entrepreneurs, rags-to-riches bloggers, design trend-setters, inbound marketing wizards, crowd-sourcers and sooo much more.

Confluence speakers speak at Pubcon, SMX and Altitude Summit where you’d pay 10 times as much to see them.

I want you to meet them.  I want them to meet you.  I want you to small talk over coffee, plow some common ground over lunch, get warm and fuzzy over a beer.

And then I want you to do it all again next year.




That’s what Confluence is

Pretty simple.

Oh, and learn a ton from a bunch of online influencers who either already speak at a national level – or deserve to.

Yeah, pretty simple really.

Hope to see you there.

About David Christopher

David Christopher is a former Audience Development Executive. He founded the Confluence conference and helped start Oklahoma's largest internet marketing agency where he is currently a Senior Inbound Marketing Manager.

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