Confluence Conference 2016: GIF Edition

Another Confluence Conference is behind us, and we had a blast getting to connect with our audience, our speakers, and our sponsors! The fun times weren’t only in-person, though: we kept the conversation going on Twitter using the hashtag #ConfluenceCon. Some of our attendees, our crew here at BigWing, and even our speakers joined in on the fun.

First, though, we have to ask: which is it? Debate rages on- and off-line about whether GIF is pronounced “gif” or “jif.” One of our attendees actually posed the question, and the results are in…

It appears the people (of Confluence) have spoken, and based on the polls, Confluence is mostly #teamGIF.

Compiled here, for your enjoyment, are some of the best GIFs tweeted during Confluence!




A huge thank you to all our attendees, our sponsors, this year’s speakers, and everyone who joined in on the conversation – both online and IRL! We look forward to seeing each of you next year.

Mark your calendars: we will return for Confluence 2017 at the Will Rogers Theatre, Sept. 21-22, 2017!