Why Your Boss Should Let You Go To Confluence


Why Your Boss Should Let You Go To Confluence

It’s a familiar battle scene. You march with cool confidence into your boss’s office, sit down and lean forward with bright-eyed enthusiasm and determination.  You prepare to release the eloquent masterpiece that is your proposal to attend this year’s Confluence Conference September 22-23.

The moment the word conference flies out of your mouth, your boss’s eyebrows begin to knit. That’s when your proposal is severed by a sequence of words more mighty than the Hammer of Thor.

“What’s this going to cost?”

“How many days will you be away?”

“I swear, Mack. If this is an excuse to fill your Instagram with pictures of food trucks and #swagbag, I’ll ban you from all office holiday parties indefinitely.”

The bottom line is that your boss or manager cares about the bottom line. We get it – your employer wants to make sure that the conferences they register for live up to the investment.

That’s why they should know that Confluence is worth the investment and then some.

Confluence isn’t a disguised excuse for a long weekend or endless supply of free T-shirts. It’s so much better. Confluence is an illuminative, complete digital marketing conference crafted for individuals wanting to meet with and learn from industry-leading authorities and peers. Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, Web Analytics and more are on the conference topic docket. Marketing newbies and seasoned professionals are both able to grow and learn from the Confluence experience.

You want to go to Confluence. Your boss wants info. We’ve got you covered.

Armor your proposal with the best insight and you’ll be on your way to Confluence with your team. (And maybe even your boss, too!)

Think of the learning!

The sweet, fresh lifeblood of learning can drive creativity and productivity in an organization – something employers can easily appreciate. The collaborative, engaging atmosphere of Confluence makes for an ideal learning environment.

Confluence brings in speakers from all across Oklahoma, the United States, and beyond to lend their expertise and experience to the ears of attendees. Speakers come from organizations like WordstreamMedTouch, University of Oklahoma, BigWing Interactive and Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, just to name a few.

These industry leaders share best practices, learning experiences, and passion with actionable content that you can put to work immediately.

You’ll be able to channel this inspiration into your own professional drive and body of work. This is a win-win for a more productive you and a happier boss!

Think of the professional growth and networking!

The conference is packed with like-minded, industry peers ready to exchange ideas and build relationships. OKC’s digital marketing scene consists of a close-knit, passionate crowd always ready to meet and discuss the craft they love. Representing your organization at conferences is a great way to grow and expose your brand.

Your team will be able to make professional connections, but in a personal, collaborative environment – and that’s good for business. Your boss will be happy to know that your organization will represent itself among professional peers.

Think of the low expense!

Tell your boss to take that stack of travel expenditures and budgets, throw them in the trash, and set the can on fire.

Okay, don’t do that, but do say that Confluence packs a wallop of opportunities for its relatively low registration costs. Confluence is economical. Standard registration is only $250 – a modest price when compared with other conferences’ fees. You’ll hear from some of the same speakers featured at MozCon and other pricier industry conferences but for hundreds or even thousands of dollars less.

Also, you’ll only be away at the conference for two days. No long commitments here, just a couple of days full of nerding out over digital marketing. You’ll be back before your boss even notices you’re gone.

Better yet, Confluence is conveniently located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – an ideal location for not only local Okies, but for friends beyond state borders too.

If you’re in the OKC area or surrounding communities, the drive to the Bricktown District is a short commute. No worries if you’re not exactly local. OKC has plenty of reasonable hotel options near the conference venue, the Chevy Bricktown Events Center!

Uber and Lyft are available to cover transportation needs as well. With such easy to way arrange logistics, planning around the conference will be but a trifle.

Overall, let your boss know that Confluence is a great way to expand your skill set as a digital marketer, challenge you to new ideas and practices, and broaden your organization’s professional outreach.

Be sure to register here for your Confluence tickets!

We can’t wait to see you September 14 and 15!