Carpe Pie-m: A Sweet, Sweet Poll

The dessert gods have spoken: Pie Junkie is catering Confluence!


There are a few reasons we were excited to be in talks with the lovely folks of Pie Junkie.

  1. Pie is still the new cupcake/cronut/kale. NPR said so in 2011, and it’s still true here in O-K-C.
  2. According to reviewers statewide*, and also our own overly stuffed stomachs, every single pie from Pie Junkie – there are nearly 30 on the menu – is scrumptious. Whether you prefer a savory chicken pot pie or want to dive face-first into something made from peanut butter and clouds, you’ll be a happy camper here.
  3. We were worried that some of you would attempt a drunken leap over the fence at Saints on Saturday evening to get your fix.
    • This would only be problematic because the shop has not yet extended its hours to “wee”.

And so, because this Confluence thing is sort of a democracy (cough, constitutional democracy, cough): we need you to pick your pie.

Pick your top 2 flavors in the poll below – we’ll put in the order Wednesday morning. 

What Pie Junkie flavors do you want to see at Confluence? 

Pie Junkie on Urbanspoon