The Mule: Secretly Fancy Bread and Butter – and Beer

No need to compromise on the excitement factor if you’re a simple kinda man. Come for the food, and stay for the booze.

Blessed are the cheese-makers and for that matter, the grilled cheese-makers. The Mule zeroes in on a single menu item it does well: a mean (not green) grilled cheese. The sandwiches are stuffed with out-of-the-ordinary fare like southern mac-and-cheese and pears. For the veg-heads out there, you can have your cashew cheese sammie.


The staff is friendly, the menu is drool-worthy and frequently updated, and the space is warm – great for gathering with friends. Note that there can be a bit of a wait, as seating is limited. But, like every restaurant in the Plaza, there’s a good-sized patio that helps keep overflow in check.

the mule okc

If you’re a karma believer, you can get some of the good stuff by paying it forward: buy a drink in advance for a certain someone and the bartender will write their name and drink up on the chalkboard behind the bar. Your new best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend can claim the drink at any time afterwards.

mule okc
Photo c/o of Stephanie Bice

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit All the Beers. At the Mule.

In the run up to #confluencecon on Saturday Oct 26th I’ll be profiling all of the potential Plaza District eateries where we might go after the conference. You can find my poll and a list of all of the restaurant/bars I’ve profiled so far here.

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