After-party Honorable Mentions

Over the past few weeks, I’ve managed to hit the high notes of the Plaza District’s food and bar scene. But it’s not a song without the lows, is it?

Obligatory Honorable Mentions

These places are so low-profile, we almost had to use stock photos.

Family Neighborhood Store

On the south side of 16th, you’ll inevitably stroll by a small convenience store with blue trim and a half-visible sign. The most important part of the sign is the part you can’t really see: “Chinese Fast Food”.


This kind of establishment is the birthplace of your local New China / China House / Great Wall restaurant. The menu options change daily, but you’ll inevitably find a few Chinese-American staples in the heated glass case – plus one or two American or Tex-Mex choices. If you’re looking for a fast food joint that hasn’t “sold out” yet, this is your place.

Family Neighbor Store on Urbanspoon

Meanwhile, between a community theater and a too-cool-for-sinning church, lurks the soft (but not very dark) underbelly of Oklahoma City…


If you’re constantly worried that the Peeber-chugging youth will put Budweiser out of business – welcome. On the west side of Bad Granny’s Bazaar, won’t-budge old-timers and tough guys populate this small bar Monday through Saturday. There’s usually an over-sized motorcycle parked by the entrance.



Go for the BudLight, stay for the fistfight. And don’t even think about bumming a Marlboro off of your fellow patrons.

In the run up to #confluencecon on Saturday, Oct. 26th, I’ll be profiling all of the potential Plaza District eateries where we might go after the conference. You can find my poll and a list of all of the restaurants/bars I’ve profiled so far here.