Damon Gochneaur Shares the Power of Segmentation and Remarketing to Audiences

Damon Gochneaur graces the Confluence stage for the second year in the row, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome him. This year, he gives us insight into full-funnel targeting using Facebook and Instagram.


Gochneaur steals the hearts of all the ladies in the room as he starts his presentation by sharing a photo of his beautiful wife and three adorable kiddos in adorable matching outfits. He is the founder of Aspiro Digital Agency and is super passionate about segmenting and understanding your customer.

He discusses how consumers are changing and how they interact with brands. People are spending more time on apps on their phone, so we must adapt to their journeys. We can’t go to social media and only touch one part of the funnel, we have to hit customers who are at different levels of engagement with your brand.

He really got our attention when he showed us a photo of him beardless as he discusses how targeting on Facebook has changed from 2009 to today.

Pixel everything!

Pixel your store domain, landing page, website pages that you’re doing paid search for, Facebook, and more.

Facebook holds all the data and gets it from the declared data we give them when we sign up for Facebook. It also has the inferred data (like where you are, your relationships, and things you do on the web)  as well as third party data, and collected data.

We will hear less about specific personas. Instead we will hear about people we know specific things about that we can journey with until purchase. We target in two basic ways: who they are or their journey with your brand. Journey points, like if they put something in their cart, visited your blog, etc. can tell you how to interact with them.

Negative Facebook results means you might be doing the wrong type of Facebook ads. There are so many types of ads today like: video ads, carousel ads, likes campaigns, images ads, collection ads, and more. Use the correct ad type to hit your customers.

You have to know how to nurture your customers.

He goes on to say that “Video is the Jam” and that you don’t need to have polished video for social. You can create great brand awareness using content you take on your iPhone and edit in iMovie. We laugh as he explains situations that we have all been in when we go down the Facebook video hole. One second you’re watching a video of a friend’s kid who just graduated kindergarten, and realize thirty minutes later we are trapped in videos and watching a stranger’s dog video.

Building lookalike audiences is so important.

Look at your previous customers, landing page visits, and email subscribers.

If you’re a sponsor, create a Confluence Conference list, and send them your demo offer. You can see tons of value in boosting your content. It doesn’t scream “Ad!” and people click on it.

Gochneaur recommends that we, “Run multiple campaigns on the same ad unit.”

“We have to be better at remarketing customers, we have to be smarter.”

He says we fall into the trap of being lazy marketers and only want to work off the low hanging fruit. However, he urges us to first begin with building a funnel and acquiring people. Then we can find the ones who are ready to convert. Take the audience you built cheaply and warm them up to make conversions.

Incentivize a customer.

Facebook now offers engagement so that you can create lookalike audiences who have done a specific journey. He tells us we fail to match our customer journey to make conversions. “Every client that signs with us looks at our about page, contact page, and testimonials,” he said. If they look at those three pages, he will remarket them “until the ends of the earth.” Because he knows they are the key pages that then convert someone into a customer.

Segment your audience, know what they are looking for, be responsible, and know what journey they are on.

For instance, don’t market the wrong tennis shoe to Damon.

But what about B2B?

Lead generation ads are for you! When people get on Facebook, they let their guard down. You can guide them down the journey and lead gen. ads are a frictionless conversion that pushes them to the final step.

“Put a pixel on everything you own and implement Google Tag Manager.” Algorithms start to learn how people navigate page-wise, behavior, and action wise to a implement goal, which is a conversion.

People jump in without data, but Facebook has no idea what your conversation path is. We want to see Facebook show you 20 good conversions you can match up with your website.

He leaves the stage giving shoutouts to some other people to follow that inspire him: Marty Weintraub, Merry Morud, and Susan Wenograd. Now, let’s geek out with data and make more informed ads and create conversion paths.