How a Ramones T-Shirt Got Us to Con Con

San Francisco skyline with Con Con logo

It all started with a Ramones t-shirt.  Well, maybe it started a little bit before that – with a new haircut. A BigWinger named Scott got a haircut that was quite the departure from the longish-haired do he’d been rocking for the last few months. His hair was now in a style he called “Don Draper-esque”. To say we were all surprised by his haircut would be an understatement.

Once he got his haircut, he told us all he was going to start becoming “very business” and start dressing differently to go along with his new haircut. We were all surprised when he actually did start stepping up his work attire game.  He even bought a new pair of shoes. However, it all came to a screeching halt when one Friday (which are business casual Fridays at BigWing) he came to work wearing jeans (acceptable) a flannel shirt (also acceptable), and that Ramones t-shirt.

Of course some teasing commenced.

Us: “Scott, Don Draper would never wear a Ramones t-shirt to work.”

Scott: “It’s casual Friday!”

Us: “We thought you took a vow to be more business.”

Scott: “Only Monday through Thursday.”

Us: “Business is every day. Plus, more business really means wearing a suit. You should show up to work one day in a suit. Everyone will freak out.”

He would not agree to wear a suit. We asked him what it would take to get him to wear a suit to work for just one day. He said, “Nothing”. I asked him what if The Hustle, our favorite daily email, asked him to wear a suit. Would he do it then? He said, “I’ll consider it.”

A few weeks later I got Scott’s personal email address (from Scott who gave it willingly, no shady stuff here) and emailed The Hustle. I looked for one of the emails they send to subscribers that says at the bottom, “PS: No, this isn’t a mass email. Reply to this if you wanna talk about anything.”

So I did. I asked Sam from The Hustle if he’d email Scott asking him to wear a suit to work. And Sam did! And then …

The next day Scott came to work looking very dapper in a gray suit. The entire office complimented him on it. Some of our coworkers actually thought he had a job interview somewhere else.

Scott before and after his new haircut- @Scotrepreneur

Since I promised Sam we’d send photos if Scott actually wore a suit, we decided to venture out into OKC and take a few shots.

We sent the photos to Sam, and because they were so great (and maybe because we asked), he gave us a sweet deal on Con Con tickets we couldn’t pass up. Con Con is an event hosted by The Hustle. It focuses on creating and using content to acquire new users and customers.

So, we’ll be in San Francisco on Nov. 4, learning all the things about creating great content.

This little story just goes to show … you never know what will happen if you just put yourself out there and ask. The worst someone can say is “no,”  right?

We felt like we had to return the favor, so Confluence is sponsoring the Con Con Snapchat geofilters that will be available for Snapping at Con Con, since we’re both budding conferences.

One of the Snapchat filters you'll be able to use at Con Con.
A sneak peek at one of the Snapchat filters you’ll be able to use at Con Con.


If you’re going to Con Con, check them out!

We’ll also be snapping from the Confluence Snapchat account while we’re we’re at Con Con, so be sure to follow us!

(Also, don’t  forget to submit to speak in 2017.)

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