4 Reasons Why Confluence is a Great Networking Opportunity

People networking around tables at Confluence Conference

Confluence Conference 2018 is quickly approaching, and we know you’re getting excited for all the networking opportunities the conference will provide.

Not a fan of networking?

That’s okay. We know that many people secretly cringe at the thought of making small talk with strangers. However, making business connections is a necessary thing we must do to stay connected as marketing professionals.

Luckily, Confluence makes networking easy. There will be plenty of opportunities to connect with the presenters and your fellow attendees throughout your two days at Tower Theatre, as well as during after-hours events.

Not completely sold on the idea? Here are the top four reasons why Confluence should be your networking go-to in Oklahoma City.

1. You Get to Meet Marketing Professionals from Diverse Industries

Confluence attracts a diverse audience—in fact, this year’s attendees include in-house marketers, agency folks, small business owners, consultants, and freelancers representing more than 100 companies across the region. By chatting and getting to know people, you can learn about what other jobs entail and get to look at the different sides of marketing. Who knows—maybe you’ll make a new friend or two along the way.

In previous years, Confluence attendees have even made connections that led to new job opportunities and new business connections. Are you an in-house marketer looking for a new agency partner? There’s no shortage of amazing marketing and public relations agencies represented in the audience. Needing vendor recommendations for your company? There’s bound to be someone in attendance who can help you with just that.

“It is not uncommon to find new clients or new job opportunities during the conference,” 2018 Confluence Chair Janelle Archer says. “As Chair, learning that someone found a new job or learned a new skill from the conference is my favorite part of planning it!”

There’s no end to the opportunities that could be presented to you by connecting with professionals outside of your industry and marketing vertical at Confluence Conference 2018.

2. Connect with the Speakers One on One

Since Confluence is a moderately-sized conference, you’ll have direct access to spend one-on-one time getting to know the speakers. At larger conferences such as INBOUND, MozCon, and State of Search (which some of this year’s Confluence speakers have spoken at in the past), getting access to the speakers is nearly impossible. At Confluence, our speakers are ready and willing to make personal connections with everyone in attendance.

“In my opinion, Confluence is one of the greatest networking opportunities among marketing professionals in the region,” Archer says. “Not only is the cost significantly lower than similar national conferences, but we bring the speakers from those conferences straight to Oklahoma on the Confluence stage.”

If you’ve wanted to pick the brains of digital marketing celebs like Marty Weintraub and Ruth Burr Reedy, this is your chance!

3. Make New Connections in a Relaxed Setting

As we mentioned, Confluence isn’t a huge conference, and the Tower Theatre isn’t a huge venue, making it easier than ever to make connections in a relaxed and intimate setting. Confluence is also a one-track conference. You’ll be in the same room with the same friendly people for two days straight, so everyone will have the same learning opportunities and chances to engage in conversations about common topics.

In addition to all the networking you’ll be doing during the day, post-conference events like the Thursday night happy hour allow your conversations to continue after the sun goes down. As we all know, the best connections are made over a free cocktail or two.

“With an attendance of 300, Confluence provides a space where it is easy to mingle with speakers and fellow attendees as well as hosting additional activities such as networking happy hours that provide an opportunity to learn from others,” Archer says.

4. The Networking Doesn’t Stop Once Confluence is Over

The networking doesn’t have to end once the doors close at the end of day two. Hopefully, you’ll not only make in-person connections but some online ones as well—we are DIGITAL marketers, after all.

We encourage all attendees to engage with #ConfluenceCon during the conference and to keep the conversation going even after the festivities have ended. Whether you connect with people via social media on a personal level or on behalf of your business, you can make connections that will last for months or even years to come.

Haven’t purchased your Confluence ticket yet? What are you waiting for? Purchase your ticket today and join the Confluence family.