Your Top 13 Questions About Confluence Answered

We know you’re excited about Confluence. How could you not be with the lineup of incredible speakers and the delicious meals planned for Sept. 20-21? If you’re anything like us, you’re already counting down the days.

Is there still a little lingering anxiety about some aspects of the conference? Let us help you smooth out all the wrinkly details. We don’t want you to miss out on the full Confluence experience because you had concerns that weren’t answered. Sift through the questions we’ve answered below for the full rundown on everything Confluence.

Confluence attendee and speaker networking during a break in the conference schedule and getting questions answered

What should I wear?

At Confluence, what you wear isn’t terribly important. We suggest dressing business casual, but you’ll see people with clothes that are dressier and those that are more casual. Wear what makes you comfortable when meeting new colleagues and other marketing professionals. Put on something you can wear comfortably while soaking up the presenters’ knowledge and for attending Happy Hour afterward.

Is there Wi-Fi?

There will be free Wi-Fi provided and the username and password (if needed) will be available when you arrive at the venue.

Where should I park?

Across 23rd Street to the south of the Tower Theatre, there is a free parking lot. If it gets full, there is also a free parking lot just a few blocks to the west of the venue. The entrance to that lot is at 24th and Dewey.

Night shot with a long exposure showcasing the Tower Theater Where Confluence will be held and where you can get all your marketing questions answered.

How early should I arrive each day?

Your registration on Day One may take some time, so be prepared to take wait in line before picking up your swag and getting through the doors.

Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. each day, but the programming doesn’t kick off until 8:45 a.m. If you want to get through the doors, get some coffee, and find the perfect seat, you should arrive shortly after the doors open. If you’re a late sleeper and aren’t picky about where you perch for the morning sessions, come a little later.

What should I bring?

The short answer is you should bring what you need. If you prefer a certain note-taking style, then you’ll need whatever that takes. If you enjoy typing your notes, bring your laptop and power cord. If you like writing by hand, bring your favorite notebook and pen. Bring your smartphone or tablet to interact with Confluence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the conference. If you have a favorite water bottle or travel coffee mug, just bring them with you. Cold by nature? You might bring a light jacket or sweater in case the theater is colder than your comfort zone.

If you prefer to travel light you can simply bring yourself, your memory, and your appetite (for food, knowledge, AND networking). Confluence will provide food, beverages, and swag to get you through the day.

What’s the swag situation?

When you arrive at Confluence for the first time and register, you’ll get your nametag and swag bag. The bag is filled with tools to help you create a successful Confluence experience. We don’t want to give anything away, but in the past, there have been snacks, toys, and notebooks (among tons of other goodies).

What’s the food situation?

The Confluence planners know as well as anyone that you can’t focus on an empty stomach. This year at Confluence there will be both breakfast and lunch served at the venue at no additional cost. Breakfast will be available during registration (7:30-8:45 a.m.). On Sept. 20, lunch is from 12:30-1:30 p.m. On Sept. 21 lunch will be from 12-1 p.m.

There will be bottomless drip coffee and water throughout the day and the occasional provided snack during breaks. If you regularly snack throughout the day, you might want to bring a granola bar or apple with you. If you have specific dietary restrictions, please contact us to let us know before and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Are there additional costs?

Once you pay your registration fee for Confluence there are no necessary additional costs. Breakfast, lunch, coffee, water, and the occasional snack are all included in the price of the conference. If you plan to attend Happy Hour on Sept. 21 at Ponyboy, you will receive a ticket for at least one beverage during the Happy Hour. If you wish to purchase additional refreshments, you will need to bring additional funds.

Where can I find a list of speakers?

If you haven’t seen who will be presenting during Confluence, don’t wait! Click here to see a list of who is speaking and what their planned topics will be. Learn more about our keynote speakers – Marty, Ruth, and Shannon. To see the full agenda, press here.

A vendor at Confluence and an attendee having a discussion and getting questions answered

Where can I get a little work done?

We hope you get to come to Confluence and be a part of all the activities throughout the day. However, we understand that things come up and deadlines must be met. There will be electrical outlets on every tier of seating during the Conference. Simply plug in and get to work. There is a lobby where you can step out and take a call anytime during the day. If you need to step completely away from the Tower Theater, there are a few restaurants and a tea shop within blocks.

What opportunities will I have to network with other attendees and speakers?

We want everyone who can attend Confluence to be a part of the event. In the morning, during breaks, at lunch, at Happy Hour, and during any after-hours meet-ups, we look forward to networking and getting to know as many people as possible (and we hope you do too)! It is our expectation that people will feel respected by and friendly with the other Confluence attendees. We’re sure you’ll connect through social media and continue your new friendships in the future.

What are some of the marketing terms/lingo I should know beforehand?

We’re always excited to share that Confluence is the Complete Digital Marketing Conference. We believe that anyone who is interested in learning more can come, listen, and learn something new. If you’re nervous about what terms will be used, don’t be. Not only are our speakers great about helping you understand, but there’s a cheat sheet you can use to study-up beforehand.

Will my picture be taken/used for marketing materials?

While we don’t promise that photos of you will be taken or that they will be used in future years for marketing purposes – it is possible. During the conference, we will be taking photos and video of the presenters and the attendees both.

What did we miss?

We feel like we did a thorough job of answering all the questions you may have about Confluence 2018, but we know we’re not perfect. What did we miss? What additional questions do you have? Don’t hesitate to ask us through our contact form or on Twitter.