The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen: Sweet sauce served with a sweet smile

That’s it! That’s their new slogan. I haven’t had an opportunity to run that by the Hall family just yet, of course, but I expect it will be painted on their truck soon.

The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen started as a family pizza night in the Hall’s home. Today, it’s grown into a family-run pizza kitchen on wheels, complete with a legit wood-fired pizza oven.truck

I love my family, but if you put me in a small space with them – a small space that also held an oven and was out in the sun on plenty of hot days – there would be blood. Somehow, the Hall family manages to keep it together and serve up delicious pizza and genuine smiles at the window.

Sweet sauce and a rotating roster of pizzas

The Hall’s pizza is classic but unique enough to be memorable (trust me, I know pizza). They pile on fresh ingredients like artichoke hearts, fresh-picked basil (harvested from the basil plant sitting on the counter), whole milk mozzarella, high-quality meats, and their homemade sauce. The sauce makes the statement: it’s sweet without being sugary, and fresh without being overpowering. Put that stuff on top of a perfectly crisp, wood-fired crust, and you’ve got a combination that no one else can

First-timers should definitely try one of the constants – most of which include mozzarella, parmesan, homemade sauce, and fresh basil. On my list: the Saturday Night (sausage and pepperoni), the Company (bacon, Italian sausage, and pepperoni), or the Matt (pesto, caramelized onions and peppers, and artichoke hearts).

Pair your slice of one of the above mentioned classics with the “what’s new today” option. A constant love and a fleeting fling: it’s not a great recipe for real-life relationships, but it’s a solid formula for satisfaction at the Hall’s. Some past flavors du jour:

  • The Samwise: rosemary potatoes, caramelized onions, cream cheese (!), bacon, balsamic reduction, mozzarella, and parmesan
  • Beat the Heat: fire-roasted jalapenos, smoked chicken, cream cheese, bacon, and sriracha
  • Smoke: smoked chicken, red onion, smoked gouda, local BBQ sauce, cilantro, and parmesan
  • Sweetness: caramelized onions, honeyed ham, and fresh pineapple

Pro tip: there’s a great $10 special for Keep It Local card carriers: 2 slices, a drink and dessert; or swap one slice with a salad.

Track the Hall’s truck down and see for yourself what makes them one of the most popular trucks in OKC. Or vote for them in our upcoming poll and we will do our best to lure them to the conference!


BONUS PICS:Eating pizza on a sunny day = pure joy with a sprinkling of jealousy.


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